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Novi VinodolskiNovi VinodolskiNovi Vinodolski

Novi Vinodolski

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Scenic town situated on the coasts of Velebit’s channel, on the southeast part of Vindol’s valley. It is consisting of old town on the hill and the new part by the sea (with coastal path, tourist centers and with tourist accommodation). Novi Vindolski has a long tourist tradition and reaches culture history. The first spa was built in 1878 and hotel Lisanj (today rebuilt) was built couple of years later.

The first information about a town (as a political center of Vinodol’s princedom) are from 1288, when worked Vinodol’s rule. (The first Slavik law is the important memory of Croatians universal laws). It was built monument of this document on the center square in year 1988. Till 1868 was the economy activity mainly in the inland. The defenses from 13th century with the church are still historic center of the town (including ethnographic museum). The church of St. Philip and St. Jakov was built in year 1520 and it was rebuilt later.

Novi Vinodolski is often the starting point for ships transported by car.

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